New UMCU Branding

Introducing the new UMCU Logo

The new look and feel for the University of Michigan Credit Union (UMCU) had to reflect where we have been and where we are going as a brand. A modern typeface, strong visual stance, and elegant star graphic transform the brand to be iconic and memorable to the eye. The new UMCU logo was designed to reflect our organization's purpose, “To aMAIZE our members, community, and team by working together for our shared success."

To illustrate our concept, we present this site to guide you through our branding process and provide insight to the new logo that you'll see in our branches, communications, and multimedia advertising campaigns. Based on media type, our new logo will be rolled out in a staged process that will phase out the old logo from all areas. 

We hope you are excited and welcome the new UMCU logo!




written version

The written-out logo is primarily used. We are proud of our name and with the "Star” anchoring the entire logo, it represents our all-star team that makes up the organization. 


abbreviated version

The UMCU logo was created to give more recognition to our abbreviated name that is often used. The abbreviated logo is also more ideal for digital marketing, showcasing the "Star” graphic that iconizes the University of Michigan Credit Union.


our goal

"create a brand that is consistent with our dedication to providing our members with amazing service"